White Collar Safety Razor

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* Limited Supply / Once they are gone, they are gone for good * 


The Sixty8 Provisional White Collar Safety Razor combines the talents of four Chicago based firms. 

The razor handle was designed to solve a few problems in wet shaving. Small, lightweight handles that don’t have enough space for all your fingers and thumb make getting the initial shave angle difficult. Raising the head by 5/8”, The White Collar Safety Razor gives you visibility of the edge during the shave. The weight of the razor is twice or more the weight of other razors, which helps the razor do all the work while shaving. The added weight also helps prevent the user from “pushing” the razor against the face to achieve a close shave, which can lead to nicks and cuts. The razor accepts your favorite double sided safety razor blade. The Razor Handle is hand-machined on a lathe from 316 stainless steel.  Working with Frier Custom Manufacturing out of Chicago we developed solutions to problems we found through experiences ourselves, and from talking to shop customers from Joe's Barbershop, put forth the best possible double-sided safety razor available today. We then combined the handle design with a simple yet effective Merkur Razor head finished in chrome for striking contrast. All of our razors feature a 45 degree approach angle.

The handmade box is a piece of art in its own right. Working with The Rebuilding Exchange in Chicago to source reclaimed old growth wood  from “deconstruction” projects the city wide, we created a practical and reusable box. Rough sawn edges on all sides tells this unique history. Each box is handmade and no one box is the same as the other. Made in the workshops of The Rebuilding Exchange to complete the local story. Hand stained in black to show off each unique detail..

The handmade insert inside the box, made by the designers at Rohnner Letterpress in Chicago was created to be both functional and practical. The insert was engineered to keep the razor safe during shipping and to make a great impression on opening the box. It’s also made to be quickly and easily removed so the box itself can be reused and repurposed.

Each razor comes with a pack of 10 Feather brand double sided razor blades so when given as a gift the recipient is ready to go without having to purchase anything else.  

* Please Note: All of our Razors are made by hand here in Chicago, IL USA. With that being said, expect some play in the head of the razor itself when a blade is not in the razor. This "slack" or "rattle" will go away once the blade itself is in the razor and is tightened down before use.  

 *  Orders ship out of Chicago, Il on Mondays of each week. 



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