UnScented Shave Oil 2.0oz

UnScented Shave Oil 2.0oz

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Our Unscented Shave oil is specifically designed and formulated to give you the best shave possible, while not clogging up your pores like other oils tend to do. A clogged skin pore = the chance for pimples and other skin issues. 

Works well with all types of razors in even the most sensitive spots. Cuts down on irritation normally associated with shaving with lather. 

Remember:  Shaving lather = Soap, and Soap is known to clog your pores and dry out your skin. 

Made in the USA, with no added color or fragrance. 2.0oz

Application: Place a few small drops on your hand and work together before applying to area to be shaved. Make sure to dry off hands before grabbing razor to ensure a solid grip on razor itself. Shave as you normally would with the grain, remembering to clean off razor of removed hair after each pass. 

All Sixty8 products have no added scents of chemicals added, are made in the US of A, and are not tested on animals. Orders ship out of Chicago, Il on Wednesdays of each week. 





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