Leather Chain Wallet No.2

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The Sixty8 Provisional Leather Chain Wallet No.2 is our 2nd offering of a Leather hard good. 

Ever lose your wallet ? Won't happen again with this guy. 

While on a random motorcycle ride on the southside of Chicago we came across a very small, almost hidden leather goods shop. After a few stop in's and more then a few glasses of Whiskey a friendship was made with the 3rd Generation owner. Our Leather toiletry bag was our first colab with this small, family ran shop. This chain wallet, which we call "No.2" , is our second.  

Designed & Hand made in Chicago with pride. 

We chose an aged / distressed brown leather as it will show it's age with wear and time. Patina and wear can't be made, it happens with use and time. So, be aware this leather will "mark" if you scratch it, but that's kinda the whole point.  

Features include two durable snaps to keep the wallet itself closed (and the contents safe). Once open there are two large spaces for cash and what not, along with a zipper pouch for smalls or whatever else you want to keep extra secure. Add in a card size slot for ID's and what not and you have yourself a simple, overbuilt wallet that will stand the test of time. The chain measures in at just under 14" long. The leather button clasp goes around your belt to ensure the wallet stays with it's owner. 

Wallet itself measures in at 7.5" Long X 1" Wide X 3.5" Tall. 

Each wallet is hand branded with the Sixty8 logo to make sure your aware of where it came from. Every wallet is hand made and hand branded so not one is an exact copy of the other. Unique. Not mass produced. Not big brand perfect.

Which is exactly what we are going for. 

 *  Orders ship out of Chicago, IL on Mondays of each week. 



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