Western Avenue Safety Razor - 4.25" length

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* Razor handle length = 4.25"

The Sixty8 Provisional Western Avenue double sided Safety Razor is our 2nd razor to be created using help from other local small businesses. 

Working with Travis of Frier Custom Manufacturing we developed solutions to problems we found through experiences ourselves, and from talking to shop customers from Joe's Barbershop here in Chicago. With that real life data, we are able to put forth the best possible small run / double-sided safety razor available. We then combined the handle design with a simple, yet effective Merkur Razor head finished in chrome for striking contrast. 

The handle of the Western Ave razor was designed to be abit thicker and heavier in weight and feel then other razors on the market. When you have a stronger feel / grasp of your razor you are more confident in your shave. The added weight also helps prevent the user from needing to “push” the razor against the face to achieve a close shave. As with all of our razors we raised the head 5/8" to give better visibility during the shaving process. Better visibility = less cuts and a better shave. All of our razors feature a 45-degree approach angle and accept any double-sided safety razor blades.

The handmade box is a piece of art in its own right. Working with Joe from Dybdal Designs in Chicago we sat down to create a simple yet striking box for this specific razor. The wood for the boxes was sourced thru a small, yet relatively unknown City of Chicago program that obtains and offers reclaimed old growth wood from “deconstruction” projects the city wide for repurpose. Each box is handmade and no one box is the same as the other. Hand stained in black to show off each unique detail.

All of our handmade razors make a great gift idea !

Each razor comes with a pack of 10 Feather brand double sided razor blades so when given as a gift the recipient is ready to go without having to purchase anything else.  

Razor handle length: 4.25in

Razor handle weight: 3.5oz

Complete Razor weight (head and handle): 4.5oz





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