Barbershop Green Citrus Aftershave 3.4oz

Barbershop Green Citrus Aftershave 3.4oz

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You asked, we listened, and after a year or so of testing we proudly introduce our Barbershop Green Citrus Aftershave.

Our Green Citrus Aftershave is a mix of lime and other essential oils that combine to make a clean, cool, refreshing aftershave that cools and pleases. Not a traditional scent in the world of Barbering, but 60+ year in the business Joe Sr. from Joe's Barbershop gave it his approval so that should be enough for you. 3.4oz 


Place a few drops on hand and work into hair before styling. Or, place a few drops on hand and work into neck and behind ears to use more as a cologne. Or once again, place a few small drops into a water bottle and use to moisten hair before styling to give a Suttle hint of scent throughout the day. 

All Sixty8 products have no added scents of chemicals added, are made in the US of A, and are not tested on animals. Orders ship out of Chicago, Il on Wednesdays of each week. 





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