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The Working Man's Safety Razor

Working Man's Safety Razor

 The Sixty8 Provisional “Working Man Safety Razor” is the first in a long line of collaboration products. It combines the talents of four Chicago based firms. Handmade. Local.The razor handle was designed to solve a few problems in wet shaving. Small, lightweight handles that don’t have enough space for all your fingers and thumb make getting the initial shave angle difficult. Raising the head by 5/8”, The Working Man Safety Razor gives you visibility of the edge during the shave. The weight of the razor is twice or more the...

Chicago artist / designer Cody Hudson uses Sixty8 products (and you should too)..



For more than two decades, Cody Hudson has made punk rock treasure from trash. The 44-year-old street artist got his start plucking wood scraps from dumpsters, and his colorful designs have appeared on Converse shoes, Whole Foods bags, and even an Obama campaign poster. Read the full list of his favorite things at Chicago Magazine here.

Groupon speaks with Joe Caccavella Jr. about Sixty8 Provisional Products..


Groupon asked Sixty8 to participate in a program to promote local merchants and ended up making a rather nice video promoting it.

Sixty8 retailer and founding barbershop Joe's Barbershop Chicago mentioned on Wurkin Stiffs blog

wurkin stiffs - joes


The shop where Sixty8 was born, Joe's Barbershop Chicago was featured over at the Wurkin Stiffs blog. A mention of Sixty8 was also included in the post. The entire blog post can be seen here.