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New Item: Gray Collar Double sided safety razor

The Sixty8 Provisional Gray Collar Safety Razor may be our entry level razor, but we didn't skimp on fitment and quality. 

Hand made with pride here in Chicago, IL.  

Starting off with the handle. Our design / Made for us as all of our razors are in a small, family-owned machine shop right outside the city that's so "oldschool" they don't even have a website ! Finished in a striking chrome finish with subtle knurling near the head of the razor to help keep a good grip while in use. 

The head of the razor is slightly oversized to give a good weight balance / feel while shaving and also for exceptional good looks. The head of the razor comes to a peak in the middle, for no other reason then good looks.  

Like all of our products we feel the presentation is just as important as how the product itself works. We put as much time into the box & packaging of the razor as we did on the razor itself. As all of our boxes, each box is Sawed, Stained, Assembled, and finished by hand here in Chicago. Each box is handmade and no one box is the same as the other.  As all of our razor boxes, the contents can easily be removed and the box repurposed. Custom CNC insert designed and created by our friend Chris over at here in Chicago.

Each razor comes with a pack of 10 Feather brand double sided razor blades so when given as a gift the recipient is ready to go without having to purchase anything else. 

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